35 Senior Tech Hires in 189 Days: Outperforming for the European Tech Leader

  • 2400 + Java Devs Contacted
    2400 + Java Devs Contacted
  • 35 senior devs and team leads hired
    35 senior devs and team leads hired
  • Exceeded hiring plans
    Exceeded hiring plans

Java Team Lead

Sr Java

Sr React


Auto1 is a tech-savvy European leader based in Germany. They specialize in acquiring used cars. Among their several tech platforms, our focus was on Autohero. Since its inception in 2016, they have grown its presence across 12 European countries. While the tech magic happens in Ukraine, the guiding strategies come from their German management. 

As a recruiting company, we’re thrilled to have played a pivotal role in strengthening their teams. Collaborating with a leader in the European market, with 4,200 employees in Europe, including 70+ technical experts in Ukraine, has been a highlight for us.


Expanding a business rapidly typically involves recruiting the right talent within tight timeframes.

The task was clear but by no means simple. The client, a prominent company with a vast footprint in Europe, approached us with a specific need: they aimed to onboard approximately 50 developers by the end of 2022. This lineup included roles like Java Team Lead, Sr Java, and Sr React with experience ranging from 4-5 years for developers and 6-8 years for Team Leads.

Hiring highly qualified specialists within a short timeframe needed

They aimed to successfully present accomplishments to their board of directors by the New Year. While the in-house recruitment team had independently secured 15 professionals, the time was pressing, and their internal resources couldn’t keep up with the demand. They needed our expertise and pool to bridge the gap and reach their target. 

Our task was straightforward: assist Auto1 in achieving its hiring objectives with tight resources and ensure success by the end of the year.


In recruitment rafting the right approach is often half the battle won. 

It’s not just about finding candidates, but about connecting the right talent with the right opportunities.

To address our client’s challenges, both the company and our team brought unique strengths and strategies to the table.

From the Company’s Side:

Streamlined Hiring Process
Streamlined Hiring Process
A two-stage hiring protocol ensured efficiency: a 30-minute HR interview and a 2-hour technical session with live coding. This ensured decisions were made within 3-4 days.
Intriguing and Flexible Offer
Intriguing and Flexible Offer
With no test assignments and a captivating product, the company attracted developers effortlessly. Their willingness to nurture talent instead of seeking the 'perfect' fit made the positions even more attractive.
Competitive Edge
Competitive Edge
The company lured talent by offering a compensation package slightly above market standards.
departmental needs.

From Our Side:

In-depth Client Understanding
In-depth Client Understanding
We absorbed the nuances of the product, company, and role requirements, allowing us to formulate a concise yet compelling job advertisement.
Diverse Recruiter Efforts
Diverse Recruiter Efforts
A team of three recruiters, each with varied workloads, powered the hunt for potential candidates.
Strategic Outreach
Strategic Outreach
Utilizing platforms like www.reply.io, we initiated personalized email campaigns, ensuring persistent follow-ups for better engagement.
LinkedIn Strategy
LinkedIn Strategy
This platform was our main arena. Beyond initial approaches, we maximized our efforts by sending out invites, always keeping in mind LinkedIn's 100 invites/week limit.
Vast Connections
Vast Connections
Our outreach spanned an impressive scope, connecting with around 2400 Java developers.
Holistic Candidate Experience
Holistic Candidate Experience
From the initial conversation to the final job offer and beyond, we ensured candidates felt supported and informed throughout their journey.


Brainstorming together with client – was the key to success 

Alignment and Communication:

We initiated the project with a series of calls, ensuring we were in sync with the client’s needs, expectations, and boundaries – establishing what information we could share and what was off-limits.

Overcoming Challenges

The recruitment process posed its unique set of challenges:

  • Uniformity in Roles: A primary hurdle we faced was recruiting premier developers for dual roles centred around Java and React expertise. With other companies vying for the same talent pool, we had to strategize.
  • High Standards, High Volume: Despite needing to hire in large numbers, there was no compromise on the quality of developers.
  • Limited Pool: While the market had a plethora of juniors, seasoned seniors were scarce. Our challenge was further compounded by the fact that these candidates were in demand, with multiple companies vying for the same talent.

Adaptability and Strategy:

Throughout our collaboration, we continually re-evaluated our strategy. Numerous brainstorming sessions led to pivotal decisions as competitive compensation and streamlined selection in just two stages, accelerating decision-making and ensuring a swift and efficient candidate journey.

Key outcomes

Embarking on this recruitment expedition was truly exhilarating! Working hand in hand with Auto1, we efficiently addressed their hiring needs, securing 35 vital roles of Senior Java, Senior React, and Java Team Leads

Working together, we outperformed the expectations set by the board of directors

  • Surpassed the client’s recruitment targets before the board’s deadline
  • Filled 35 Senior and Team Lead roles within 9 months
  • Made our first successful hire by day 15 
  • Concluded with the 35th hire on day 249
  • Interacted with 240 potential hires, conducted 182 thorough interviews, and onboarded 35 top talents.

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