Hiring a Senior Android Developer for a Leading Israel SaaS Firm Using LinkedIn Magic

  • 14 days to hire
  • 15 CVs met the criterias
    15 CVs met the criterias
  • Alternative hiring resource
    Alternative hiring resource
  • 76,500 organic views on LI
    76,500 organic views on LI

Sr Android


Originating from Israel, our client is a renowned product company. Their AI-powered SaaS platform, specialized in “client success management,” integrates with multiple services like Slack, SAP, and various CRMs. In real-time, it evaluates client satisfaction, monitors communication quality, detects potential client disengagement “red flags,” and deciphers client needs


Navigating recruitment for an overseas R&D centre without a local recruiter on deck? That’s quite the tightrope walk!

When our client reached out, they presented us with a unique challenge: to unearth a standout Senior Android Developer for them. On the surface, it might seem straightforward, but there’s more to the story. Their solid team in Ukraine lacked the local eyes to identify and attract new talent. Their primary recruiter was located miles away in Israel. So, they turned to us, seeking our expertise and on-the-ground know-how.

But here’s where things got interesting. Instead of diving into the usual recruiting routine, we took a pause. We sized up their offer, their needs, and thought, “Why not shake things up?” Traditional hiring would’ve been a longer game, but hey, who says we have to play it safe? They trusted our gutsy move, and what unfolded next? Well, let’s just say it’s all about thinking outside the recruitment box.


In an ever-evolving recruitment landscape, the way we connect with potential candidates is paramount. Our solution was to navigate this modern challenge with an equally modern touch.

Using personal touch often brings more output

Alternative Recruitment

Upon closely examining the perks on offer, which included pre-COVID-19 remote work opportunities, company stock options, and an annual bonus, we identified a golden opportunity. While many would’ve opted for a conventional recruitment route, we decided to march to the beat of our own drum. Our solution? To use fast alternative resources.

Why LinkedIn?

For maximum reach and engagement, LinkedIn was the perfect platform. We aimed for a blend of authenticity and intrigue, targeting a demographic that would resonate most with our offering.


Used our 12 000 followers to skyrocket the results 

The journey from idea inception to execution is a tale worth telling. This is how we transformed a recruitment challenge into a success story on LinkedIn.

Choosing the Voice

We leveraged the account of our Chief Recruitment Officer. He had over 12,000 subscribers, mostly developers, and a history of posts with impressive audience engagement. This made him the ideal choice. 

Crafting the Narrative

Ditching formal tones, we rolled out a friendly, succinct post. It was all about hitting the right notes by detailing the key benefits without any unnecessary jargon. The endgame? A share-worthy post that sparks curiosity and extends its reach beyond our immediate circle on LinkedIn.

Strategic Posting

Relying on insider analytics, our masterstroke was dropped on a Wednesday morning, known for its optimal engagement rates.

This process illustrated our unique approach, blending traditional recruitment knowledge with contemporary social networking strategies.

Key outcomes

The Digital Ripple Effect

Sometimes, results can be quite the storyteller. This venture was more than just a LinkedIn post. It was a testament to the power of digital engagement and the right messaging. And the numbers? They painted a vivid picture.

Working together, we outperformed the expectations set by the board of directors

  • Post Popularity: A staggering 76,500 eyeballs landed on our post.
  • Engagement Galore: With 511 likes, the post’s reach expanded organically, echoing far and wide across the LinkedIn community.
  • Active Conversations: 47 lively discussions sprouted in the comments, sparking interest and interaction.
  • Direct Responses: 15 potential candidates were moved enough to send over their resumes.
  • Quick Turnaround: Just a fortnight. That’s all it took to seal the deal on the vacancy.

When The Offer Stands Out

Having a standout offer is like having a royal flush in a game of cards – it’s bound to get attention. If a client boasts attractive work conditions, such an offer often gets actively shared on platforms like LinkedIn, making the recruitment process smooth and effective.

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