The Story of How We Improved IT Company’s Full Recruitment Workflow: 30% Faster Processes 

  • 23 hrs for ATS automation-selection, onboarding, integration
    23 hrs for ATS automation-selection, onboarding, integration
  • 53 hours to enhance the entire recruitment process
    53 hours to enhance the entire recruitment process
  • 30% decrease in time to fill vacancies
    30% decrease in time to fill vacancies

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The IT service company operates offices in Ukraine and Poland, enabling it to serve clients across Eastern Europe. Its recruitment department consists of a Team Lead and four recruiters who work together to attract talent.


Did you know that businesses that streamline their processes see a 67% quicker hiring and onboarding of new employees?

With this in mind, let’s talk about how our Consulting addressed the four workflow-related issues that the IT service company brought to us:

  • In this world, clarity is crucial for effective coordination and communication. Our client didn’t have detailed documentation outlining each recruitment stage and didn’t have a visual representation of the workflow showing its structure, stages, and connections.
  • They also requested to optimize their operations and find ways to evaluate team and individual performance of the recruitment department. You need efficient processes to stay ahead, right?
  • On top of that, the client needed to smoothly integrate the new Talent Sourcer role into their current processes, but they were struggling to bridge the gap between what they wanted and what they could currently achieve.
  • The fourth request was, automation – the essential step. Our client wanted to streamline their operations by automating tasks and creating system where all their data is interconnected.

We used our expertise in streamlining workflows and hiring methods to create a custom solution that met our client’s needs well.


To address these issues, we developed a comprehensive solution:

  • Describing the recruitment workflow and creating a visual representation of the workflow.
  • Introducing the Talent Sourcer position into their current processes, and  bridge the gap between what they wanted and what they could currently achieve.
  • Recommending metrics for team effectiveness.
  • Automating tasks and implementing a new Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • Establishing a knowledge base on tools and methods.
  • Implementing and supporting the new workflow within the team.


“People First” Strategy Sessions

For starters, we talked to the entire recruitment team for comprehensive strategy sessions. We delved into the intricacies of their workflow, exploring every detail and envisioning improvements. Individually, we sat down with each recruiter to understand their perspective and identify areas for enhancement. These conversations were crucial in pinpointing gaps and aligning everyone’s vision with management’s goals. Armed with data and insights, we were equipped to optimize their processes.

Next up: visualizing the workflow. We accurately mapped out every step, from the appearance of a new vacancy to the final offer proposition. With detailed flowcharts and process documentation, we ensured clarity and alignment among team members.

Prioritizing data and insights

Then we refined existing key performance indicators (KPIs) and introduced more advanced ones to track progress and drive accountability. These metrics provided tangible goals for each team member, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Automation was a game-changer. We researched the market for the perfect Applicant Tracking System (ATS), from Zapier and Make (formerly Integromat), ultimately selecting one that seamlessly integrated with their existing tools. So we automated repetitive tasks, freeing up recruiters’ valuable time for strategic initiatives.

Holistic Solution Integration

Knowledge is power. We equipped the team with in-depth training on the latest tools and techniques, ensuring they were well-prepared for the changes ahead. From CRM usage to advanced search methodologies, we left no stone unturned.

Implementation was meticulous. We conducted regular meetings to monitor progress, address challenges, and refine our approach. Through personalized support and ongoing training, we guided the team through the transition, ensuring a smooth and successful adoption of the new workflow.

In the end, our efforts paid off. The recruitment team operated with newfound efficiency and effectiveness, achieving measurable improvements in their performance and outcomes. With the right tools and tactics in place, they were ready to tackle any challenge that came their way.

Key outcomes

We transformed the recruitment processes by emphasizing better coordination, efficiency, and automation. Through clear communication and defined roles, we streamlined the workflow. By offering advanced automation tools and providing thorough training, we successfully implemented and supported the new processes, leading to improved effectiveness and independence in recruitment operations.

  • The entire project took 76 hours, with notable time savings in the recruitment process.
  • The recruitment process became clearer, more organized, and 30% faster in filling vacancies.
  • The team became more cohesive, efficient, and satisfied with their work.
  • The company attracted more talented candidates, enhancing its employer brand.
  • Modern tools increased team motivation and productivity, reducing routine tasks.
  • Overall, our approach led to a more effective and professional recruitment process, benefiting both the company and its employees.

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