When a Client’s Vision Isn’t Clear: Uncovering the True Required Role For a Fintech Pioneer 

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    7 tailored candidates
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System/Solution Architecture


An Esteemed European FinTech Leader with a robust presence across an impressive 200 countries (yeah, they’re pretty much everywhere!). For over a decade, they’ve been at the forefront of creating groundbreaking solutions tailored to their customers’ evolving needs. Their suite of services encompasses swift international transfers, a seamless mobile application for account accessibility, top-tier business account provisions, and a state-of-the-art contactless payment card, among other offerings.


Our client reached out with a unique request: to find a Systems Analyst for a newly envisioned role. It wasn’t just about adding another feather to their cap; they sought someone who could decode the intricacies of their decade-old systems and chart a new course forward.

However, it wasn’t as simple as it sounded. Their systems, though vast and innovative, were like a puzzle with a few pieces missing. While the vision was clear, the precise nature of the role and its responsibilities remained nebulous. With no prior benchmark in the company for this position, the stakes were high.

The pool of tasks is clear but the role remained ambiguous

Instead of embarking on a traditional search, we took a moment to strategize. Could we leverage our expertise to not only fill this role but redefine it for them? They trusted our unconventional approach. 


When navigating uncharted waters, sometimes you have to draw your own map.

  • Initial Candidate Presentation: We began our efforts by introducing two potential System Analyst candidates to the client, ensuring a fast response from our end.
  • Comprehensive Task Analysis: Upon facing challenges with the initial candidates, we undertook a detailed analysis of the tasks the client expected the new hire to handle.
  • Market Research and Role Recalibration: Instead of working in isolation, we consulted several System Analysts, presenting them with the identified tasks. This approach helped us gauge the suitability of the role against the responsibilities. Taking insights from the feedback, we identified the need for a more specialized role, leading us to suggest either a System Architect or a Solution Architect.
  • Adjustment in Salary Expectations: Recognizing that the new roles might demand a higher salary bracket, we effectively communicated this potential change to the client.
  • Refocused Search: Post our analysis and client agreement, we channelled our resources into searching for the best-fit System or Solution Architect candidates.
  • Continuous Collaboration with Client: Throughout the process, we ensured open lines of communication with the client, aligning their expectations with the evolving recruitment strategy.

By offering these solutions, we showcased our commitment to not only meet but exceed our client’s hiring needs, ensuring the best possible outcome for both the client and the potential candidates.


Addressing our client’s needs was our topmost priority. Initially, they were set on hiring a System Analyst with a salary range of 2500 – 3000 Euros. Without hesitation, we dove into the recruitment process, presenting two potential System Analysts to kickstart the hiring journey. However, these candidates fell short in terms of skillset and experience.

This hiccup made us pause and reconsider. Given that this was a new role, and our client was somewhat unsure about the exact requirements, we decided to take a more holistic approach. Instead of merely searching for more candidates, we conducted a comprehensive task analysis. After introducing these tasks to multiple System Analysts and seeking their feedback on the role that would be best suited to address them, a recurring suggestion emerged: System Architect or Solution Architect.

Recognizing the potential in this shift of perspective, we approached our client with a novel solution. Instead of persisting in a potentially futile search for a System Analyst, we proposed to refocus our energies on a System or Solution Architect. This change might mean an adjustment in the proposed salary, but the potential payoff in terms of talent and expertise was undeniable.

Dedication to understanding the true nature of our client’s needs is a must

In the end, our proactive approach paved the way for a more aligned and effective recruitment strategy.

Key outcomes

Through feedback analysis, we refined our search strategy, ensuring a task-centric approach based on client needs. We emphasized quality over quantity in candidate presentation, evolving from the client’s initial request for System Analysts to suggesting System/Solution Architects. Over five months, seven candidates were presented, with extensive time dedicated to role definition and interview coordination.

Our goal isn’t merely to flood our clients with a plethora of resumes. Instead, it’s crucial that each proposed candidate aligns with the client’s needs

  • Presented two initial System Analyst candidates.
  • Shifted focus to System/Solution Architect after task analysis.
  • Agreed upon a revised salary range for the elevated role.
  • Showcased a total of seven candidates: 2 System Analysts and 5 System/Solution Architects.
  • Completed the recruitment process in five months, with significant time dedicated to role definition and interview coordination.

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