With the Covid 19 health crisis, human resources changed their key functions. Due to the inability to meet candidates face-to-face, remote recruitment has become a necessity. What are the challenges and trends to watch out for in online recruitment? How can companies adapt to remain attractive to candidates?

An Attractive Job Offer Is Important

In recent years, the employer/candidate relationship has changed. Wanting to add a more personal touch to their careers, candidates are now looking for companies that share their values.

Candidates are utilizing new tools and conducting comprehensive research on potential employers via job boards, social media, and mobile apps to find job offers that resonate with them.

There’s an abundance of ways to learn about companies, and candidates are well-equipped with these resources. The challenge for recruiters? Presenting their company attractively with authentic job offers. The objective is clear: to allure and captivate top talent. However, it’s crucial that the portrayal of your company is accurate. To not only attract but also retain these new employees—preventing them from migrating to a company that aligns more closely with their values and needs—it might sometimes necessitate a complete organizational transformation. And this change can be catalyzed through online hiring!

What Is Important For Candidates When Hiring Online?

In some fields, such as IT or digital technology, there are often more job offers than applicants.

Remote recruitment or online recruitment no longer has to be satisfied with posting descriptive job offers online. From now on, to really attract interest, companies will have to highlight their employer brand. The latter should reflect the company’s identity and reinforce its strengths with authenticity. To attract candidates, recruiters will have to highlight the company’s history, its DNA, its development projects, its CSR policy or its environmental commitments…

Active people are now looking for positions that make them feel fulfilled, that leave room for confidence and independence. They are no longer hesitant to change jobs to take on a position that is more meaningful to them. This is when taking care of new recruits’ onboarding, i.e. their integration, becomes central. To achieve this, recruiters today can use onboarding software, which plays a fundamental role in the online recruitment process.

What Are Digital Recruitment Tools?

As companies strive to streamline their hiring processes and reach a broader pool of candidates, they are turning to a variety of technological solutions. The tools that accompany online recruitment are diverse and cater to different aspects of the recruitment journey:

Recruitment Management Software

This software allows you to centralize all your recruitment tasks within a single interface. From creating advertisements and sending out job offers to drafting employment contracts, every step can be managed using this tool.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI, with its capabilities for parsing and matching resumes, enables you to sort through applications, organize candidate groups, and navigate the resume database swiftly. It’s a significant time-saver and a valuable asset for decision-making. Leveraging AI tools can enhance both HR efficiency and the candidate experience.

Programmatic Recruitment

This software suite efficiently identifies top candidates. The technique harnesses big data, a vast collection of information sourced from websites, social media, online media, and more. Programmatic recruitment solutions extract and analyze data shared by internet users. The objective? To present your job offers to the most suitable candidates, aligning with specific criteria like skills, age, professional experience, and areas of interest.

Mobile Recruitment

In the realm of digital recruitment, mobile recruitment stands out. Given that 81% of candidates use their smartphones for job hunting, it’s imperative for companies to provide mobile-optimized job offers.

Wrapping Up

As online platforms become the primary medium for job hunting and hiring, understanding the key challenges and trends becomes paramount. From harnessing AI for efficient candidate screening to ensuring mobile-optimized job offers, staying abreast of these trends is not just beneficial—it’s essential. As the recruitment landscape shifts, those who adapt will be best positioned to attract the right talent.

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