Nowadays, many companies conduct hiring interviews remotely to search for the right profiles in a wider radius. For some hiring managers, interviewing without meeting in person is an exciting challenge, while for others, it can be a daunting process. To ensure a successful online interview, follow these tips:

Prepare tools for a remote recruitment interview

As a rule, remote interviews are conducted via video conference. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, you need to choose the right communication tool. There are several options available, such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype.

The most important thing is to make sure that the candidate has the required remote interview application. If not, send them a link to download it.

To avoid technical issues, be sure to check the hardware, such as a webcam or microphone. An hour before the interview starts, don’t forget to make sure that your internet connection and the application are working.

Set up a remote hiring interview process

Whether it’s a remote or in-person hiring interview, good organization is essential. Here are the main planning points:

Present your company well

It’s important that the applicant discovers your company’s values and gets to know your organizational environment. Take the time to develop this presentation well. Don’t hesitate to send documents that will allow the candidate to better understand your company culture.

Choose what to ask

To gauge the candidate’s real skills and abilities, you will certainly ask questions. Avoid improvisation, which can distort the interview, by first writing down the questions you want to address on a piece of paper.

Test candidates

To help you make a decision, it is important to test the candidate. For example, you can assess their reasoning ability by asking them how they would carry out a project. You can also ask them to describe in detail how they organize their tasks. It can also be a sales simulation, a personality test, or any other test.

Leave a good impression

The recruitment process remains the same, even though it is an online interview.

Remember to conduct an assessment at the end of the interview. Give the candidate the opportunity to ask questions. Conclude the interview by explaining the next steps.

Assess the candidate’s communication skills

These are the personal qualities of the candidate that determine their professional development. To assess communication skills, you can give the candidate a few minutes to talk about themselves.

You can also ask them about independence at work, team spirit, and communication. Time management skills and resourcefulness are also qualities that should be assessed during this interview.

Empathy: An Important Quality For a Remote Interview

Even though it seems similar, remote recruitment interviews differ from face-to-face ones in several ways. In addition, some candidates may tend to speak quickly, stutter, make tics, etc. Here, the recruiter should show understanding and friendliness.

It is important not to evaluate their personality and skills based on their attitude in front of a webcam.

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